"Mr. Moomau came out to replace a water heater for my wife and I. Aside from being very personable, courteous and respectful of my time, he showed up with a smile and made me feel secure knowing that my project was in good hands. Moomau Plumbing's prices are very reasonable and surprisingly my service was performed in a timely manner allowing me to get back to my life. I wish all plumbing contractors were like this!"- Mike G. San Jose, CA

"Moomau Plumbing is known for being on-time, professional, knowledgeable and hassle-free!"
Laurie M. San Jose, CA

"Moomau Plumbing and their team of experienced plumbers came out and located the leak at my property and then repaired it for nominal fee. Unlike other plumbing companies who do a quick fix and expect you to call in a week or two with a new problem, I haven't had any problems since. My wife and I are going to do a small bathroom remodel soon and let's just say you'll be first on our call list! Thanks again!"  - Carl G. Mountain View, CA

"Thanks for coming out to replace and install our new water heater as fast as you did. Your knowledgeable plumbers convinced me that upgrading to the tankless water heater would save my wife and I more money. So naturally we quickly transitioned. No other plumbing company, residential or commercial offers this sort of know-how. Moomau Plumbing did a fantastic job and I will definitely use them again in the future. Thanks for a job well done!" - Sandy V. Santa Clara, CA